Amazing fashion Brands,to elevate your wardrobe.

When I first visited Istanbul I was so amazed of how well dressed people were, I noticed how everyone had their own personal style. That was a very refreshing, the fashion scene was so interesting. Then I was more interested into exploring local Turkish brands. As the textile business in Turkey is big, and as We all know almost every brand manufacture their cloths there. Some of these brands are possible to order online through their website, but if you are visiting the country make sure to visit their store as I say. There is no better than shopping in person, you get to feel and try on, also the customer experience in Turkey is amazing a must try.

Here are the 3 Turkish brands that you should take a look at in your next shopping spree:

Manu Atelier:

I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of this brand until I visited Istanbul last December. The brand started by two sisters back in 2014. They make amazing leather good, bags and shoes.

My favorite are the bags!! the shapes and colors makes it stand out, the price tag is also affordable considering the quality of the craftsmanship that was put into it.

different celebrities has been spotted wearing their bags, from the UK royal kate middleton, to fashion icons Emily Ratajkowski aka Emrata and Sami Miro and so on.

Beauty Omlette:

I’ve been introduced to this brand by a local friend of mine, while we were walking through the neighborhood of Nişantaşı, beautiful neighborhood by the way if you are visiting the city.

What I liked a lot about this brand is the cut and shape of the pants, they just feels and fit perfectly. I treated myself to a pair of jeans and a baguette bag from the store, a well priced leather bag that is so minimal and fits my everyday lifestyle. I’m not sure you can buy from them online outside of Turkey. I also saw that they offer cosmetics but I haven’t tried their beauty brand.

Their color palette and sets give the quite luxury vibes but on a budget.

Cartier watch, baguette leather brown bag


Rue online or Rue des createurs, I have came across this brand while I was in an outlet mall called Star city mall, for me that was the best discovery.

As a tall women having a hard time finding clothes that fit my height, this Brand was like heaven, their jumpsuits, pants and dresses fitted perfectly, the fabric quality is so good and also different, the shapes of the shirts and the silhouette are to die for!

The marketing and their Instagram page doesn’t do the clothes justice, I advise you to when you are in Turkey or on your next trip to Istanbul to give them a visit, the employees at the store are so sweet and helpful.

Girl standing wearing a beige set with brown sandals, beautiful outfit for summer and a sleek bun