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In the vibrant city of Barcelona, there has been a recent surge in the establishment of numerous restaurants specializing in offering high-quality meat selections “steakhouses”. Alongside these exciting newcomers, a selection of cherished local favorites also graces the culinary scene.

I proudly present a curated list of the finest dining establishments for connoisseurs of red meat, showcasing a range of options to cater to diverse preferences.


A new restaurant has joined this list. They pay great attention to how they serve the meat dishes, just like how they cook them.

Chef Joaquín Ignacio Sánchez is from Uruguay and has cooked all over the world. The dishes he offers show how much people everywhere love red meat. They have things like steak tartare, Spanish wagyu, Angus, and Rubia Gallega.

C. Enric Granados, 52 08008 Barcelona
T. 93 490 94 40

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At La Textil Collective, the Josper oven is the star attraction, like a special place in the middle of this amazing new restaurant. Chef Pablo Lagrange cooks with excitement, like a kid unwrapping presents on Christmas morning to find the perfect kitchen tools and team. Always creating and changing, Pablo is like a magician who turns meat into something wonderful. There are many reasons to visit La Textil, including a craft brewery, but the best reason is the delicious meat dishes they serve.

You can find it at C. Casp, 33B, 08010 Barcelona.

T. 657 44 83 06


This trendy brasserie focuses on serving meat dishes from various parts of the globe. The atmosphere blends the feelings of a restaurant, cocktail bar, and club, creating an energetic environment. The name and the design are inspired by a hot crater in Turkmenistan, famously called “the gates to hell,” where temperatures soar up to 400 °C. It’s under the same management as 9Reinas.

Find it at C. Mallorca 209, 08036 Barcelona,

Or give them a call at T. 93 159 19 78.

  • FIRE:

offers multiple compelling reasons to pay a visit. While its grilled meat dishes take the spotlight, they genuinely justify the trip to the W Hotel, situated at the far end of Passeig Maritim. The mesmerizing vistas capture your breath, and the interior design seamlessly melds indoor and outdoor elements. Through transparent panels, the kitchen is in full view, showcasing an array of fish and grilled meat options. The menu’s shining stars include the T-bone and tomahawk cuts, complemented by a lineup of signature cocktails and a well-curated wine selection.

Discover FIRE at: W Barcelona Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, 1 08039 Barcelona

For inquiries, call T. 93 295 26 37.

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Enjoy juicy smoked ribs and flavorful burgers presented in a relaxed atmosphere, alongside tender cow’s txuletas aged for a minimum of 30 days. Indulge in entirely organic ingredients, accompanied by a variety of homemade sauces and toppings.

Find it at: C. Muntaner, 169 080036
Call them on: T. 93 501 38 26


When you dine beneath the stone arches of Arcano, it feels like a journey through history. The meat dishes remain remarkably consistent over the centuries, retaining their excellence from years gone by to the present day. The focus is on authentic Argentinian meat, sourced directly from the Pampa and served on your plate, offering choices like Entrecote and Angus sirloin steak.

Visit this spot at: C. Mercaders 10 08003 Barcelona

For reservations, call T. 93 295 64 67.

So, if you’re looking for the best steakhouse restaurants in Barcelona that offers an interesting array of delectable steak options, a visit of this list is undoubtedly worth going for. Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll leave with the satisfaction of having discovered one of the city’s true culinary gems.

I will write a second list for the Best other 6 meat restaurants in Barcelona that are worth visiting.