Best Amazon furniture improvements to purchase at this moment for under 200$.

Looking for the right thing in Amazon can be quite the challenge. and very time consuming. So to save you some time and make your life easier, I have gathered a wide selection of affordable and good amazon furniture for you to choose from.

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Items for under 50$

floating shelf, amazon

Adowes Floating Nightstand, perfect to add a little touch to your bedroom and without occupying a lot of space here:

amazon magazin holder

If you are like me, I love having magazines and books around in the living room, A nice way to add a decorating and functional item to your space is a magazine holder without braking the bank. Here:

lamp, amazon

An ambient lamp is a necessary item to have to add coziness and charm to a space: Here

I wrote about things you can add in your house to make it a home here :

Under 100$

rattan side table anazon

Rattan is so in style, and it is not a micro trend, it had existed forever,this is a lovely side table for under 70$ that comes in two wood colors.

CD Player Record Holder Farmhouse Magazine Storage Side Table Beside Desk for Living Room Bedroom Office

An other great piece to add to your home, I f you love Vinyl, you can get this to display your collection with style. and still under 100$.

Concrete Accent Table

A great design tip, is having an accent block as a plant base, this adds a nice touch to a space.

Maydear Bamboo Bookshelf, 2 Tier Modern Bookcase with Legs Magazine Rack Simple Bookshelf Organizer Free Standing Tall Bookcases for Small Space,Bedroom,Living Room,Office, Kitchen, Walnut

Mid century style bookshelf for under 100$ is a bargain at this point.You can Proudly display your favorite coffee table books. Here:

Under 200$

Mid Century Modern Accent Chair with Wood Frame, Upholstered Living Room Chairs with Waist Cushion, Reading Armchair for Bedroom Sunroom (Dark Grey)

An accent chair is a must, either for the living space, or if you have a spacey bedroom, this is a great option, the Scandinavian vibes of this Arm chair a hitting the spot for under 150$. Here:

Coffee Table for Living Room, Boxwood-Frame & Tempered Glass Top, Mid Century Modern Coffee Table,Z Shaped Design,Rounded Edge Protection(Walnut Grain)

A design coffee table, with built in storage and a hint of mid century with wood and crystal can elevate any space.

Acrylic Nightstand Side Table Modern Design Clear Home Decor Display End Table for Living Room (Orange)

If you love a pop of color, this is a great choice, acrylic orange table, that can be used as a night stand or a side table as well. Here:

Full Length Mirror 63"x24", Irregular Wavy Mirror, Arched Floor Mirror, Wall Mirror Standing Hanging or Leaning Against Wall for Bedroom, Flannel Wrapped Wooden Frame Mirror -Milk Tea Color

A great body length mirror, in wood boards with funky shapes. Here:

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