Your Mini Guide So Sants Neighborhood Volume 1

Sants neighborhood Barcelona

Where to grab coffee, thrift your new outfit and grab lunch.

Sants the neighborhood is often overlooked when visiting Barcelona, but this hidden gem should not be missed. With its undeniable charm and unique offerings, it’s quickly becoming one of the most upcoming areas in the city. Embrace an authentic local experience by exploring the neighborhood and supporting the community’s local businesses.

If you just moved to the neighborhood, or you live in Barcelona already and want to explore it, I have for you what I call a mini guide for a day,1 place for each thing to do, or try.

Specialy Coffee? Neo Coffee house:

The zero waste and vegan coffee shop. This cozy and spacious coffee place they serve specialty coffee and vegan products. they offer delicious plant-based goodies that are made from local ingredients, and don’t forget about Brunch!

In The mood for a burger? Antonia's Burger

A mouth watering smash burger to satisfy any hungry mouths, they make smash burger and fries, you have two options either the 100 Gr or the 200 Gr without hurting your pockets.

Vermuteria with Tapas? La Bodegueta De Cal Pep

«Vermouth helps digestion, purifies the blood, produces a peaceful sleep and rejoices the heart»
This is the next door bar, or how we say in Spanish Un Bar de siempre, the service is amazing, the waiter is the sweetest and he can recommend to you what to pick and try, I personally like everything they make, you can see on the photos the last selection I’ve tried and let me tell you, it was delicious!
They even got mentioned on Repsol guide!

Vintage Hunt? Neko Vintage

This store offers 100% Vintage clothes, that are hand picked and sourced by it’s lovely owner Mireya more specifically from the 80’s and 90’s and then a smaller part is a 100% handmade pieces that are mounted on authentic vintage patterns.

My personal favorite thing to check in the fall and spring are the trench coats, the pieces are reasonably priced and the details in this places are very carefully taken care of, you can have a sneak peak of their products either on their website linked here .Or on their Instagram