Amazing Vintage furniture and decor stores:

When I’m furnishing or trying to decorate a space I’m always trying to look for unique special pieces. Making a space your home is a crucial thing and maybe what you need is a good vintage piece.
You have many sources online but we both know how hard it is to find someone good online without investing 10+ hours searching.
If you live in Barcelona or in the surroundings or visiting Barcelona , here is a list of the best Vintage Design 70’s style furniture and decor for all decor eras:


Vintage decor shop in barcelona

This shop is hidden in the middle of the streets of Sants, it has a great variety of decor and 70’s kitchen wear, lamps and anything else that comes to your mind.

location is: Carrer de Toledo, 33, 08014 Barcelona

Deja vu Concept:

unique furniture store in barcelona

What can you find? Lamps, furniture, mirrors, chairs, armchairs, costume jewelry, curiosities, lots of things to add charm to your space .

Location: Calabria 126 · 08015 · Barcelona.


designer furniture and vintage designer store

They’re specialized in buying and selling items and furniture made during the second half of the 20th century. All their products are strictly original designs.

location: Rda. de Sant Pau, 42-44, 08001 Barcelona


They’re specialized in the sale and rental of furniture, lighting and objects from the 20th century, specializing in the decades from 1940s to 1980s, with an emphasis on Scandinavian and international design, always with a section for pieces of national production.

location: Ramón y Cajal, 44, 08012 Barcelona