14 best cocktail bars in Barcelona:

Barcelona has a fun nightlife, and many great cocktail bars to boot. The city is home to many famous mixologists, and there is plenty of innovation when it comes to creating delicious concoctions with both Mediterranean and exotic flavors. It’s no accident that the award ceremony for the World’s 50 Best Cocktail Bars was held in Barcelona last year. With three of the top 10 located here, cocktail culture is thriving right now.

However, the city is also renowned for its gastronomic offer, so when cocktails and food come together it’s worth paying attention. These pairings include a range of options reminding us why they are the perfect combination.

Here is a list of some of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona:

NUTS Indulgence Club:
nuts, club members in Barcelona

Designed by Josep Maria Morera and Lázaro Rosa-Violán, it exudes the classic aura of a British club. The drink menu features both classic and innovative cocktails, available with optional pairings of seasonal dishes crafted from fresh ingredients. Indulge in exquisite combinations like caviar, oysters, and cold cuts, perfectly matched with top-tier premium spirits. Operating on a membership model, Nuts offers a dynamic experience, complete with live jazz, soul, and funk performances.

C. Muntaner, 147 08036 Barcelona T. 691 72 82 37

best cocktail bar with live music

Situated on Enric Granados street,a thriving culinary destination, Jacqueline presents a collection of experiences across three levels. Positioned upon entry, the cocktail bar welcomes guests and an adjoining staircase ascends to the Champagne Bar above. Descending below, The Dinner Club offers an eventful space featuring live music and engaging activities.Here, the cocktail creations find perfect companionship alongside El Comedor’s classic dishes and French-inspired culinary delights, offering an exquisite pairing that elevates the overall dining experience.

C. Enric Granados, 66 08008 Barcelona T. 682 26 09 61

barcelona bar, vegan, plant based coktails

Plant-based signature cocktails paired with simple snacks and a sandwich by Sandwich Club Barcelona. These cocktails boast a botanical twist. Nestled amidst the urban hustle, this oasis operates under a complimentary membership model, offering exclusive perks (refer to the guide for details). Elevate your knowledge with engaging cocktail workshops held on-site.

C. Comte Borrell, 147 08015 Barcelona

bar with sea view, barceloneta bar

Part of Group Tragaluz, FISKEBAR offers a captivating culinary journey in Barcelona, focusing on seafood delights. Indulge in a menu that celebrates fresh, high-quality ingredients with a Scandinavian twist. From thoughtfully crafted seafood platters to flavorful fish dishes, the gastronomic experience is a testament to culinary artistry. Complementing the delectable fare, FISKEBAR presents a range of expertly crafted cocktails, skillfully infused with innovative flavors that harmonize with the seafood offerings. Whether you’re savoring a signature cocktail or sipping on a classic, the bar promises a refined and immersive libation experience, enhancing your overall dining adventure.

Real Club Martim. Pg, d’ltaca, 3 (Port Vell) 08039 Barcelona T.93 609 36 92 www.grupotragaluz.com

galilep barcelona bar

This is not your typical cocktail bar; it’s a fusion with a bistro, showcasing primarily Italian cuisine but with a cocktail-centric focus. Led by the innovative Andrea Civettini, who resembles more of a scientist in a lab, the bar is a hub of concoctions, marination, and distillations. The cocktails here are a delightful blend of creativity and joy, putting a playful spin on classics and offering an array of signature choices. The approachable bar staff are your go-to for discovering your next favorite drink, whether a contemporary twist or a timeless classic. Weekends see the venue come alive with bustling activity. For a more immersive experience, indulge in their tasting menu – a four-course culinary journey perfectly harmonized with four expertly crafted cocktails.

C. Aribau, 152 08036 Barcelona T. 93 025 73 00

MR. PORTER Barcelona:
Mr Porter cocktails

Mr. Porter Barcelona seamlessly combines a steakhouse eatery and cocktail bar, coexisting on the ground floor of the sophisticated Sir Victor Hotel. In this upscale cocktail lounge, a star-shaped bar counter dominates the central lobby, providing ample seating.

Drawing inspiration from the adjacent restaurant, the cocktails here are infused with a unique culinary essence. Explore enticing options such as Vanilla Sky, Romero & Julieta, and Foxy Tail. The curated cocktail menu showcases not only timeless classics but also exclusive concoctions crafted by Mr. Porter himself.

C. Rosselló, 265 08008 Barcelona


At Babula Bar, the art of cuisine seamlessly intertwines with a captivating array of classic and bespoke cocktails. Crafted primarily for sharing, the menu showcases delectable tapas and dishes that spotlight the finest ingredients, encompassing both meat and seafood selections. Guiding this creative journey is Diego Bravo Chang, the visionary force behind the bar’s innovative offerings.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of distinctive presentation as both signature and classic cocktails are elegantly presented in their own unique manner. The ambiance is an elegant fusion of vintage charm and modern sophistication, creating an enduring yet contemporary cocktail haven. On weekends, Babula Bar truly comes alive with vibrant live music, pulsating DJ sessions, and an energetic crowd that converges on Fridays, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

C. Pau Claris, 139 08009 Barcelona T. 93 382 60 96

PUNCH ROOM / CABARET: The Barcelona Edition
edition hotel, barcelona

The Barcelona EDITION hotel has two different places for cocktails and food. The Punch Room is near the hotel lobby on the first floor, surrounded by wooden walls. The other place, Cabaret, is in the basement and has its own entrance. You can enjoy snacks that match Vera’s Mediterranean food, along with cocktails influenced by French and Mexican flavors. Cabaret brings lively entertainment back to the city center, with live DJs and performances.

Av. de Frances Camb, 14 08003 Barcelona T. 93 626 33 30
www.editionhotels.com www.cabaretbarcelona.com


Eastern Mediterranean cuisine is becoming more and more popular in Barcelona. At Silan, they serve this kind of food alongside drinks like Hibiscus Mojito. Their menu includes herbs, spices, and fresh stuff that reminds you of eating at a Tel Aviv bistro. If you sit on the outdoor terrace, you’ll feel like you’re really there. Silan is open every day and they serve food all day long.

C. Enrique Granados, 38 08008 Barcelona

amazing bars in barcelona

Barcelona is starting to like Indian food more, and you can see that in the drinks at Little Andaman. They’ve taken some classic drinks, like the Mumbai Mule, and added Indian flavors like cardamom and cumin. These drinks go really well with the food menu, which mostly has dishes from Southern India. The drinks are made with unique and tasty ingredients and they even have options without alcohol, like the Spicy Shirley Temple made with ginger beer, pomegranate, and lemon.

When you go inside the lounge bar and restaurant, you’ll find a covered outdoor area and a really stylish interior.

C. Muntaner, 182 08036 Barcelona T. 93 269 59 60

GOJA ROOFTOP, Barcelona Renaissance:
rooftop bar barcelona with views

At Goja, the Mediterranean zest for life drives both the drinks and food offerings. The chef curates a menu bursting with creative dishes, using fresh, local ingredients sourced each season. These delightful plates find their way to one of Barcelona’s loftiest rooftop terraces, perched on the first floor of the city center. Complementing the culinary journey, a variety of classic and signature cocktails take the stage, boasting fresh, seasonal ingredients that add a gastronomic flair. The terrace, adorned with breathtaking views, has undergone a recent transformation and is now open during evenings for both hotel guests and visitors.

C Pau Claris, 122 08009. Barcelona T. 93 272 38 14

bar with a terasse in barcelona

A pioneering cocktail bar in Barcelona that still sets the standards for a restaurant and lounge bar. The site is elevated over the Sant Gervasi-Galvany neighborhood with a terrace that is larger than the restaurant interior, equipped with canopies and sheltered areas. The food menu is Asian fusion while the cocktails have an international flavor. The atmosphere gets hectic as the night progresses, with live DJs and attractive wait staff. Especially during the summer months and at the weekends.

C. Dr. Fleming, 12-14 08017 Barcelona T. 93 241 17 20


One of the city’s liveliest restaurants and cocktail bars with a dinner/floor show that includes live musical performances, dance and circus-themed acts. Situated in the center of Barcelona’s Example neighborhood.
The Boulevard is spectacle, food and drinks in a cyber-punk interior design setting. The cocktails are high energy to match the surroundings, avant-garde and colorful options that are performed rather than just served. Food here is mostly international inspired tapas, ideal for sharing among groups.

Pg. de Grâcia, 53 08007 Barcelona T. 672 75 56 54