Barcelona’s best coffee places.

If you are like me and a good cup of coffee makes your day 100 times better, then you would thank me for showing you this short and sweet list.
With so many Instagram friendly places and over marketed what I call tourist trap and so many choices to pick out from to enjoy a cup of coffee with maybe a sweet bite on the side.

Take a look at this list and let us know if you visit any;

• Lot Roasters:

Hands down the best tasting coffee in Barcelona. They do specialty coffee from fresh beans imported from Peru, they also make their own Chocolate in an open professional kitchen in the space, where you can peak and see the process, they offer tasty pastry and amazing service. The owner are the friendliest they make you feel welcomed. 

The space is a reformed old factory space, where they excelled keeping the origin doors, floors and some details that make the whole space just flow. The merge of chrome interior with wood is chef’s kiss. If I had to go to one coffee place for the rest of my life this will be it.

📍 C/ Bailen 43

  • Taulat 44

They offer more than Coffee, a variety of pastry, breakfast Brunch and even lunch, tasty pastry to die for and tasty coffee. a cute details that is unique to this place is the fortune cookie they give out alongside the coffee ✨

The service is very good and the staff are friendly, the interior is beautiful. Located in the cool neighborhood of Poblenou, a short walk from the beach.

📍 Calle Taulat Taulat 44



• Three Marks Coffee:

If you live in Barcelona you might have seen in other coffee places their coffee beans, that’s why they make one of the best coffee in town, they offer space with laptop friendly in the upper floor with a broad selection of design and fashion magazines, lower floor next the bar by the window or in the terrace, they have a fix for the sweet tooth people to accompany your delicious coffee, it’s located on the Street of Marina between Eixample and Poblenou.

 📍Calle Ausias Marc 151


  • Vitrina:

Industrial inspired, this lovely cafe is located in a reformed warehouse in the beautiful neighborhood of Eixample close to one of my favorite second hand furniture shops in Barcelona Deja Vu concept, you have a full list linked.

The decor is very beautiful where modern and industrial and minimal style merge perfectly, the staff is so friendly, the coffee is tasty, you have variety of pastry and sandwiches to choose from.

📍Calle de calabria 128